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Can I Eat before Dental Sedation?

Can I Eat before Dental Sedation?

November 1, 2022

What is Dental Sedation?

Dental sedation is a safe and effective way to relax during dental procedures. It’s not the same as general anesthesia, which refers to the use of drugs or surgery to numb your gums. Sedation dentistry near you is often recommended if you have phobia and anxiety.

Guidelines Depend on the Type of Sedation

Several types of sedation that dental patients can receive. Some methods, like IV sedation and general anesthesia, are more restrictive than others.

The guidelines depend on the type of sedation your dentist has chosen for you and your procedure. For example, oral sedatives generally require a full stomach for administration; therefore, eating before surgery is not recommended for this type of anesthesia because it will affect its effectiveness in keeping you asleep during your procedure.

Why Is Fasting Before Sedation Necessary?

Fasting before getting sedation dentistry in Murfreesboro, TN, is a great way to reduce the risk of vomiting, choking, and aspiration. If your mouth becomes dry during dental sedation, it may be hard for the dentist or assistant to detect this because they cannot see what’s happening in their patient’s throat. Aspiration is when food or liquid enters your lungs through an open wound (like during an emergency surgery). This can lead to serious complications like pneumonia and lung infections, so fasting before dental sedation helps prevent these issues.

Finally, fasting will also decrease the risk of infection by reducing saliva production, which helps prevent bacteria buildup in the mouth after eating something bad like peanut butter or cheese!

What If I Don’t Fast Before My Procedure?

If you don’t fast, Dr. Erwin M Ricafort may need to give you more sedation during the procedure. This can increase your risk of complications and increase costs for both parties.

What Can I Eat and Drink Before Dental Sedation?

You can eat a light meal before dental sedation.

  • Eat a light meal, such as chicken breast or fish, with some vegetables and another serving of fruit.
  • Drink water from a cup or glass throughout the day (not tap water)
  • Drink clear liquids like soda, tea, and coffee without sweeteners

You can also eat hard candy to snack on something salty before dental sedation. Chocolate is another good choice because it has fat that our bodies need for energy! Ice cream will help keep your mouth moist during anesthesia, so it’s great for when you don’t want to eat anything else beforehand either – make sure not to have too much ice cream, though, because it’ll cause bloating afterward if eaten too much at once! Yogurt would be another option here because it’s dairy-based, meaning there are no sugars involved either; however, yogurt tends not to contain as much calcium as milk products.

Eating and Nitrous Oxide Gas

If you are taking oral sedation, your dentist in Murfreesboro may recommend that you fast for 4 hours before your appointment.

If you are taking nitrous oxide gas sedation, your dentist may recommend that you fast for 2 hours before their appointment.

Eating and Oral Sedatives

If you’re taking oral sedatives, it’s best to avoid eating and drinking for at least 30 minutes before your appointment.

If you’re going to eat before dental sedation, try something light, like a banana or an apple slice with peanut butter. You should also consider drinking water throughout the day if possible—it helps keep hunger at bay.

Eating and IV Sedation

IV sedation does not cause unconsciousness, but you will not have a recollection of the procedure. However, you’ll need to fast after the dental procedure to prevent food from getting into your mouth during treatment.

What About Eating After Sedation?

After dental sedation, the best thing to do is eat a light meal. Avoid fatty foods and spicy foods, as these can upset your stomach. You should also avoid caffeine, carbonated beverages, and alcohol, as they may make you feel sick afterward.


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