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Indicators Signaling the Need for Root Canal Therapy

Indicators Signaling the Need for Root Canal Therapy

December 1, 2021

The indicators signaling the need for root canal therapy are several. A cracked tooth from injury or congenital defects, deep cavities, or problems with earlier fillings all signals the need for root canal therapy near you. You may experience a few symptoms, especially with your affected tooth becoming sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

Root canals become essential when you experience excruciating pain when chewing or biting, develop pimples on your gums, have a chipped or cracked tooth, or notice darkening of your gums near the affected tooth. You also endure lingering irritation to hot and cold temperatures even after eliminating the sensation.

What Precisely Is Root Canal Therapy?

This treatment is designed for eliminating the bacteria from the infected root canal to prevent reinfection and preserve the tooth. When you undergo root canals, the dentist in Murfreesboro removes the infected or inflamed dental pulp from inside your tooth before cleaning and disinfecting it and finally filling and sealing the tooth.

What Is Root Canal Therapy Dentistry?

Root canal therapy dentistry is a dental specialty performed by endodontists specialists in treating infections inside your tooth. The condition may develop from an untreated cavity, a cracked or broken tooth, or injuries to your tooth. An endodontist eliminates the infection inside your tooth to relieve you from the excruciating pain you experience when chewing or biting and helps save your natural tooth. You may think root canals are fearsome and cause plenty of pain. In reality, root canals help free you from the pain you experience and help you save your natural tooth.

You are free to reject the recommendation of Dr. Erwin M Ricafort to undergo root canal therapy because of your fear of the treatment. However, you must prepare yourself to continue experiencing the pain and have the affected tooth extracted by the emergency dentist near you eventually. The only alternative for root canal treatment is tooth extraction, a procedure leaving you with a missing tooth and needing expensive replacements costing more than root canals.

What Does Root Canal Therapy Do?

If the Murfreesboro dentist recommends root canals, they suggest a remedy to treat your damaged or diseased tooth. Every year millions of teeth are saved by this treatment by relieving pain and making the teeth healthy again.

When performing root canal therapy, the dentist targets the infected dental pulp inside your tooth. The dental pulp lies below the hard outer surface of the enamel and another layer of dentin. The dental pulp houses the nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels, helping your tooth’s roots grow during its development. Fully developed teeth do not need dental pulp because they continue receiving nourishment from the tissues surrounding them.

Present-day root canals are unlike treatments provided earlier. The treatment is similar to getting a routine filling, and the dentist completes the treatment in a couple of visits depending on which tooth is affected and your circumstances. Endodontists are specialists in pain management and will ensure you experience no discomfort while undergoing the treatment and will get you back to your smiling and chewing best with ease shortly.

Saving your natural tooth with root canal therapy is incredibly beneficial. The treatment restores efficient chewing with regular biting force and sensation, and natural appearance. Best of all, the treatment protects your remaining teeth from excessive wear or strain.

Are Root Canals Expensive?

As explained earlier, the cost of root canals is affordable than replacing your natural teeth. The prices for the therapy will depend on the severity of the infection and the tooth needing the treatment. If you need root canals on a front tooth, the prices will likely be affordable because your anterior teeth have merely one root canal. Unfortunately, if you need the treatment on a molar containing multiple canals, you will probably pay more for the treatment. However, if you have dental insurance coverage, you can expect some reimbursement from your insurer for the endodontic treatment.

Root canal treatment and tooth restoration are more affordable than having your natural tooth extracted and searching for replacements. The treated tooth lasts for a lifetime with the restoration like a dental crown over the tooth to restore its strength and functionality. So long as you follow excellent dental hygiene, brushing and flossing diligently, and visiting your dentist for six-monthly exams, you can rest assured the tooth will function without challenging you.

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