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What Is the Most Common Dental Emergency?

What Is the Most Common Dental Emergency?

June 1, 2022

Dental emergencies can strike in various forms to leave you running helter-skelter, wondering whether the dentist’s office near you can help deal with the problem. You might not know whether you have a routine problem with your teeth or are suffering from a dental emergency that needs prompt treatment.

This article provides information on some familiar dental emergencies to guide you on how you can seek treatment to manage and overcome the dental issue.

Common Dental Emergencies

There is nothing standard about dental emergencies because they are all different. A simple problem like broken orthodontics is also an emergency if the wires and brackets have displaced and are causing concerns about whether your orthodontic treatment will relapse. You can lose a filling in your tooth and think it is an emergency. While the filling needs replacement as soon as possible, you can wait until you can see your regular dentist requesting an urgent care appointment. Therefore some dental emergencies require immediate attention from the emergency dentist near you, and some can wait until you can get to your regular dentist.

Which Dental Emergencies Need Prompt Attention?


Pain developing from toothaches is never pleasant. The discomfort indicates several conditions, including tooth decay. Some toothaches are manageable without emergency treatment. However, if you notice signs like swelling, you require immediate attention.

The pain might encourage you to take common remedies like aspirin or other painkillers. Instead, you help yourself by applying a cold compress on your cheeks and calling the dentist in Murfreesboro for emergency care. After you receive treatment for the toothache, the dentist will stress the importance of oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay, cavities, and other severe dental problems.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Do you have a chipped or broken tooth because you bit hard on something? Chipped or broken teeth ruin your smile and also cause pain. If you notice bleeding, please rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to your face near the broken or chipped tooth to help alleviate pain and swelling. When seeking treatment from the emergency dentist nearby, the professional will advise you to exercise caution when biting on crunchy and hard foods and other activities that can cause your teeth to chip and crack.

Dental Abscess

Infections around your tooth root or in the space between your teeth and gums are severe. The infection can spread to the surrounding teeth and gum tissue besides your entire body when left untreated. If you aren’t sure whether you have an abscess, look for pimples on your gums. Call the emergency dentist in Murfreesboro, TN, to receive immediate treatment for a life-threatening condition.

An abscess results from untreated decay in your tooth that can potentially spread to your other teeth and your body. You might require the dreaded root canal therapy to preserve your natural tooth besides a dental crown to restore its strength, appearance, and functionality.

Avulsed Tooth

If an impact to your mouth or an accident left you with an avulsed tooth, you would confront a dental emergency that needs treatment within 30 minutes. The tooth dislodged from its socket requires reinsertion immediately. Time is of the essence when dealing with a situation where you have a tooth knocked out of your mouth. You must collect the avulsed tooth, rinse it, and try reinserting it into its socket or maintain the tooth in a tiny milk container to keep it moist. Contact an emergency dentist nearby and get to them within 30 minutes to have the tooth splinted to the neighboring tooth. You require further treatment for at least a couple of months until your tooth roots reattach your jawbone. Unfortunately, if you delay getting the necessary treatment, you might have to search for replacement solutions to close the gap in your smile.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Preventing some dental emergencies is practically impossible, while you can easily avoid many troubles by visiting Dr. Erwin M Ricafort for dental checkups and cleanings. The doctor can detect potential issues in your mouth and recommend early treatments to ensure you don’t confront emergencies.

The doctor also recommends using mouthguards when involved in contact sports or cycling, watching your eating habits, and refraining from using your mouth for purposes other than chewing or biting.

If you maintain excellent dental hygiene practices and adopt the suggestions of the doctor, you can comfortably prevent many dental emergencies to avoid stressful conditions.

Despite the above suggestions, if you develop a dental emergency for any reason, Ricafort Dental Group — Murfreesboro provides emergency dental care whenever you need it. Kindly contact them to overcome your dental emergency.

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