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FAQ on Dental Heath Care

What is the most common dental emergency?

The most common dental emergency is a toothache. A patient will call because there is a pain in his mouth involving one of his teeth.

Can dental implants be done in one day?

Yes this can be done depending on the situation. A tooth has to be removed without too much complication during the extraction process. Most of the time everything should be planned out prior to placing an implant.

How many crowns can a dentist do at one time?

A dentist can place many crowns at one time. I currently have a case in which I made 7 crowns on one patient in one visit.

What can I expect after sedation dentistry?

After sedation dentistry, expect to be groggy most of the remainder of the day. It takes a while for the sedation medicine to metabolize and break down in the body. Patients will feel the effect for a long while.

What is considered to be a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is usually a tooth that is causing pain. At out office we try and get you in within 24 hours if you have dental pain.

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