Ask a Dentist Launched in Murfreesboro Office



Early in 2015 Dr. Ricafort decided to open up the floor for dental questions online. Whether you are a current patient, a soon-to-be patient, or someone who simply has some dentistry questions, here’s your chance to ask Dr. Ricafort anything you wish to know. Dr. Ricafort, DDS, is one of Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s leading dentists, winning “best of” awards in Rutherford County and Nashville, TN. His services range from general exams and cleanings to root canals, dentures, and complex restorative dentistry.


Dr Ricafort is equipped and ready to address nearly any dental question you have. There are no silly, stupid, or insignificant questions. Your questions matter!  You may submit your questions here or via his Facebook page. Answers will be published both on the website and on Facebook. Thanks in advance for your participation.

Periodontal Disease Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Periodontal Disease, Your Memory, and Your HealthSince we were children, we’ve all been told “brush your teeth.” Not only do we have to brush our teeth but we have to do it twice a day!  Why? Well, aside from the obvious removal of food from your teeth and...

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Why Do We Need Braces

Dentists usually recommend orthodontic treatment, also known as braces, for several reasons.  The need for braces can vary from improving esthetics, to improving functionality, to improving accessibility for hygiene.  Whichever reason the dentist makes...

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Why Do We Need Dental Sealants?

We place dental sealants on back teeth to help prevent them from getting cavities. Posterior dentition (back teeth) have grooves on the chewing surfaces. While fluoride hardens teeth, making them less susceptible to decay, fluoride cannot physically block...

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Why Does My Jaw Ache

Many of us have problems with our jaw. We get jaw aches and pains that make it difficult for us to eat, chew, swallow, and speak.  It can even lead to migraine headaches.  Some of us learned to live with it because it is not “that bad”.  But others seek...

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Can worn down teeth be restored

Many times patients have worn dentition such that their teeth look flat.  These teeth are so worn down that the inner part of the tooth, the dentin, is visible.   Even though this condition does not always involve pain it still warrants correcting.  If...

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Flossing: Why It Is Important

Every time we come in for our dental visit, the dentist or the hygienist will stress the importance of flossing. But most patients simply listen in one ear and then the message goes out the other.  The reason for this may be that there is no instant...

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What is Periodontal Disease and Why Does It Matter

If you have been told you have periodontal (gum) disease, you’re not alone.  Many adults in the U.S. currently have some form of this disease.  Periodontal disease ranges from a mild gum inflammation (called gingivitis) to a serious disease that can result...

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What You Need to Know About Dental X-Rays

Why Do Dentists Need All Those X-Rays? Dentists are committed to delivering the highest quality care to each patient while applying the latest advances in science and technology to improve the oral health entire of the U.S. population. Guidelines are...

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